Modern day sacred circle

A modern twist on the sacred circle. We honor the sacred while bringing in much-needed support for our current life struggles/challenges.




Our Story

Hi, I am Heather, the Founder of Modern Day Sacred Circle. Back in 2017 I was hearing from women how they felt disconnected or lonely. They were longing for a deeper connection with others in a safe space where they could be authentic and supported.

More about Modern Day Sacred Circle:

We honor the sacred while bringing in much-needed support for our current life struggles/challenges. With the added pressures of modern society… the overwhelm of being a woman can lead to many living a life of disconnect and stress.

Women express feelings of loneliness and isolation in their everyday life. The power of circles allows women to share stories, be vulnerable, let go, be held, and find connections with other women.

At Modern Day Sacred Circle we are creating a different experience for women. One that they are not necessarily receiving in broader society with their relationships or work. This is a space of accepting women where they are, wherever that might be. At Modern Day Sacred Circle we welcome diversity of age, perspective, work, and life path.

The Modern Day Sacred Circle is valuable to shift expectations that society puts on women today.

Women have been  approaching me with little experience or background in facilitating circle space and wanted to learn more. I heard the call and created a comprehensive program to offer my personal learnings for creating your own circle with confidence, love, and open-heart. I have learned about circles from both hosting and attending many in a myriad of different places and different ways.

,More women are searching for women’s circles than ever before and the demand for women’s circle leaders is incredibly high. I believe that women who are called to this path are meant do offer these sacred circles. Are YOU ready to answer the call?!

Learning how to lead circles is a powerful initiation as you rise into your role as facilitator. I will provide information and wisdom that women were once taught AND create the sacred environment you need to heal yourself, rise into your power, and learn how to create circles in your community.

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“Heather has a way of being enthusiastic and sincere without hype. She is dedicated to her community and is fully engaged in providing value to others. She is great example of a servant leader because her actions and attitude are never self-serving but always for the good of the group as a whole.”


“You are very good at; breaking down and explaining complicated concepts and helping others feel confident in their ability to govern themselves. Example: There have been many instances where a person may not have the confidence to make a decision and you have helped them see that they are enough, no matter what other people or outside experts may want them to believe. You are a permission giver. Permission to be yourself. Permission to have a good life and permission to have challenges.”


You are really good at being considerate of other people’s feelings. I think it’s because you listen to each person and then you are careful with your answers. Heather is really good at being creative and helping others. She gets passionate about things she believes in and will seek to understand and find why things happen in life.”



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