Facilitator Training “Inner Circle”


I welcome you into the “Inner Circle” a facilitator training designed for women like YOU, the ones that feel the call to hold space for others. We are offering this opportunity to a very limited amount of women who feel called to lead circles.

In this sacred space, you will learn how to lead sacred circles, sacred topics, how to maintain a sacred space, how to approach conflict, using sacred tools, how to powerfully guide circles and more!

Women who complete our training will receive a certification of completion as a Modern Day Sacred Circle Facilitator. Also, be listed on our online directory as a certified Inner Circle Facilitator and have opportunities to mentor others along their journey.

Leading circles can be a life changing experience. If you are meant to walk this sacred path too, join now!



The Inner Circle is a comprehensive online study as you dive into 10 modules to build a foundation. Each module takes about 1-2 weeks. You will work on a module and then meet with your guide or mentor (assigned to you) to discuss and receive support.

Module 1: The Power of the Sacred Circle

  • The power of the sacred circle – looking at the history, the importance of circle in our community
  • The Circle – not a square
  • Holding space as an equal not leader

Module 2: It’s about you – Your purpose, focus, vision

  • Your intention – getting clear
  • Create in your own way, with your wisdom & instinct
  • What is your vision for your circle, how do you want it to grow

Module 3: You are the driving force – believe in yourself, motivate others, act

  • Vulnerability in Leadership
  • The art of being a space holder to ensure that the circle is ‘held’ in a safe way.
  • How to develop or enhance your leadership skills so that your soul sisters feel safe and open to be their true, authentic selves.

Module 4: Setting the tone – creating Sacred Space

  • Empathy vs. Sympathy
  • This is not therapy
  • Asking for needs to be met
  • Commiserating or connecting?
  • Allowing the unfolding
  • Connection and trust
  • True listening is a skill that has been lost in our busy modern world.
  • How to facilitate ‘true’ listening and sharing in your Circle.
  • The gift of “Silence”

Module 5: The Structure – leading with compassion & wisdom

  • Calling the Circle
  • Creating the Space
  • Holding the Space
  • Opening/Closing the circle
  • Intro
  • Promises
  • Sacred space building
  • Step-by-step, to plan and facilitate sacred circles

Module 6: Creating a ritual – set the mood

  • Starting fresh and open – cleansing the space (sage)
  • Altar in the middle
  • The atmosphere you create for your soul sisters is so important
  • Music
  • Dim lights
  • Clothing

Module 7: How to handle Challenges – things that might go wrong

  • How to manage challenging situations that may arise in circle when emotional triggering has taken place and explore tools and techniques to quickly resolve issues and restore group rapport.
  • Speaking truth and allowing for respect
  • Safety and trust
  • Scripts – add scripts for challenging situations

Module 8: Maintaining clear boundaries – How to keep your own boundaries clear and strong while providing love and compassion

  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Accepting feedback
  • Avoiding burnout

Module 9: Self-care for the Facilitator – holding sacred space is an honor. We must make sure we maintain the group energy on many levels.  Learn the importance of your own self-care to ensure you do not burn out physically or energetically.

  • Your support system
  • Managing stress
  • Create your sacred space
  • Self-care practices
  • Grounding
  • Pamper yourself!

Module 10 – Bonus; Biz talk (Circling together)

  • How to add circle to your business – resources, tools, etc.
  • Holding space in your community
  • We will lay the groundwork and explore where you are going to hold your classes, when and how often
  • We will also visualize who you want to open the circle, too
  • Finding Your Perfect Circle Space
  • Attracting Your Tribe
  • Day-of Preparation for Circle
  • Nurturing Community Relationship

By the end of our time together, you will be ready to create and lead powerful Circles and Workshops. We would have a ceremony to celebrate the completion of your program with a few surprises.




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